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About Our Fifth Wheels

After three years of development we now offer the latest technology combined with the look and feel of a modern home. It has not been an easy road, but finally we bring to the US public a range of lifestyle RV's to suit the real world.

Too long have RV's stayed in the look of 20 years ago. Homes in America have updated but RV's have not. Spectrum RV brings a whole new world into your travel plans. Now there is no compromise in taking your home with you on the road.

Whether you are a Full-Timer or just the occassional traveller, we have the right Fifth Wheel designed just for you. Decor choices are back, now you can choose the color of your couch, your floor, your cabinets just the way you like them. Sure, you can start with our suggested decors which are designer modelled, and you can add your own personal touch. You have always been able to accessorize your RV, now you can truly curstomize it as well.

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Highest Quality Workmanship

We know how everyone claims to manufacture quality, we are prepared to back it with the most comprehensive warranty in the business. Just look at the components we use, the materials are all a cut above what you have seen before.

Our builders are well trained. To build a quality coach you just need to take yor time. We employ only those who strive to build better and then we invest training into every employee so you get the workmanship that is unsurpassed in the RV game.

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Find the RV that is right for you

Sands 5th Wheel

Sands 4 Star Luxury

Gorgeous decor and a practical approach to travel. The Sands will surpise you, everyting from the off-road suspension to the large bathroom and tall ceilings. Come check out your new fifth wheel.

Emerald Coast 5th Wheel

Emerald Coast 5 Star Luxury

Now you are talking. Yes, you will be the talk of all you meet. 5 Star luxury at an affordable price. This is the power of mainstream manufacturing at its best. You may be able to find similar floorplans but you will not find better value than an Emerald Coast Fifth Wheel.

The Avenue 5th Wheel

The Avenue 6 Star Luxury

Never before have you been able to purchase a true 6 Star unit. Now you can match your travel lifestyle to the spoiled level that you deserve.


Special Features

Ultra Light Weight Components

Superior strength is acheived with lightt weigh water resistant components. We have acheived weights that are 20% less than our competitors. Composites are not only more durable but they are light weight and stronger than wood and luan. They also don't have the smell that the glues give off.

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Massive Storage

We have developed the largest storage areas is each class. Never before has so much storage been offered in a fifth wheel.

Front access to front storage allows items like kayaks up to 10ft long to be stored away. Efficient use of space is our specialty. While others add length to give you more storage, we simply fit everything in better and utilise space that others waste.

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