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Dealer services

Spectrum RV dealers share our passion for contemporary design, innovation and finesse. They are comitted to fulfilling the current market demand for modern RV's, designed with today's current residential interiors.

Not every dealer qualifies for such exclusive luxury. We have selected only a few who qualify with sales and service support to match our products. Although limited in number you can find a dealer within travelling distance who can show you all the unique features of our products. Never before has such effort been put to innovation and component selection. Our dealers know how to support our products well and have the expertise to offer you the decor choices that you really want.

Real choices

While most manufacturers spend time rearranging floor plans, we put effort into real choices for you the customer. Never before have so many decors and options been available to match your every wish. Matched with the efforts of professionaly paid designers you can be assured the look and feel of your RV will add value long into the future. You can even change the decor easily as fashions change. Ask your dealer for details.

Sales support

Not every salesperson knows how to truly configure a unit to suit your needs Our dealers will ask all the right questions to make sure you get the right floor plan that will suit your needs well into the future. Since your Spectrum RV's design life is between 25-50 years you may need to think about who you will pass it along to.

Highly Trained Service

All Spectrum Dealers are trained in the latest methods of servicing high tech components and can adjust to exacting levels the beautiful decors.

Choose your decor

Your sales professional can walk you through the many customizations you can choose. Never before have you been able to choose so many options. Your dealer can even modify your decor while you wait. Need to configure more than the cabinets and the furniture, you can order yours with changed countertops and flooring as well.


Total satisfaction is our goal. Together with our dealers we can bring you an experience unequalled in the RV industry. If for some reason you are not happy with our product or dealer service, we will all work to rectify the problem and make changes so that we can constantly improve. We appreciate your feedback and welcome your suggestions. Remember that our people use the RV's we sell so we have first hand experience and it is what drives us to just keep getting better.

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Warranty and support services

Most manufacturers give you a long list of component manufacturers to call when you have problems. We ask that you give your dealer the first call and once we hear about the problem we commit to provide the parts to the dealer in a hasty manner. This along with the dealers priority schedule will get you back on the road in comfort just as soon as is practically possible.

Of course we believe that the high quality components will not let you down, but it the unlikely event that they do we will respond as quick as we can. Since we have upgraded most all of the components, the chances of you having a problem is greatly reduced.

HOTLINE: +1 866 876-8658

Competitive prices

Many have commented that for the quality our prices seem very reasonable. Our philosophy is simple, we believe that if you build great quality at a reasonable price then customers will line up at your door. We deliberatly chose to keep our prices sharp so the greater majority of quality minded customers are able to afford our units.

How do we do the quality for the price? We have developed efficient ways to build to a high standard. A whole lot of on the job training our our professional staff along with great supplier support we have been able to keep our quality up and our prices down.

Our dealer service centres

Dealers are located in each corner of the country. Due to the specialized nature of our fifth wheels, we have a few select dealers around the country. Each one is hand selected for their comittment to servicing at a high level of customer satisfaction. You may have to travel to get to one, but isn't it better to know you have it done right. We trust that your servicing experince will be just as grand as your ownership of your Spectrum RV.

So give your dealer a call today and find out what they can do to make your dreams come true..

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