"Living with Finesse" fifth wheels
Travel Safe, Live Free, Be Spoiled

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Highest Quality Workmanship

We know everyone claims to manufacture quality, we are prepared to back it with the most comprehensive warranty in the business. Just look at the fittings we use, the materials are all a cut above what you have seen before.

You have never seen the workmanship, the fit, the finish, the componentry. Why, because no-one has ever built one like this before now. It takes twice as many man hours to build it but we think it is worth the effort. You the customer are the winner as you now get a lot of extra years from your coach.

Finding the right Fifth Wheel for Clients since 2004.

Factory Tours available Friday from 3:00-4:30pm by appointment only;
2801 Dexter Drive,
Toll Free: 866 876-8658.
e-mail: contact@spectrumrv.com