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About us

Lose yourself in Montana, get warm in Florida, enjoy Tennesse music, where would you like to go next?

Or perhaps you like snow. All of our RV's are built for full-time living and are built to last.

With 14 years experience importing American RV's into Australia we've found what clients need for full timing in harsh conditions. Poor roads, outback sun, ocean surf and sand all take their toll on an RV. We simply found everything that breaks, and built it not to.

We've refreshed and modernized the interior as nothing seems to have changed in the last 30 years. It has become the look of an RV, so we changed it to what you would do if you renovated your home.

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Why choose us?

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    Manufacturers all seem to claim good quality, so we talk Finesse instead. It means built well, not fast, to a whole new level not found anywhere else. A well built coach takes time and effort. So we re-trained a whole new work force in better ways and with a whole new mindset.

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    How can you build a coach well if you use cheap components? We swapped 650 of the 800 components in the RV to better ones. Everything from the roof covering, to the carpet pad, to the tires. We invested 18 months doing it so that you can enjoy a whole new RV experience.

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    Want to know the fine print, there is none. Three (3) year warranty on every component is included, even batteries and tires. The only fine print is obvious, it doesn't cover accidental damage, but that is just common sense.

Our mission

To take RV's where they have never gone before.

Sound like a Star Trek movie? So let us explain. We got tired of the same old RV's and the same approach to building them. We strive to build them as if we owned them. Everything we do is focused on the enjoyment of the RV lifestyle. We believe in a balanced life, and taking time off is a major part of a healthy outlook and an enjoyable life.

Vital to a great RV experience it to remove the common list of problems, and then to go beyond and create the unexpected.

Taking time to enjoy the simple things and to build relationships are some of the major pieces of the life puzzle.

We take the opportunity to make that experience the best we can for our clients.

Our professional team


Entrepreneur for 38 years, 14 years with RV's. Leader, Pastor, and Friend. Loves the RV lifestyle, really enjoys building them.

Dewane Bailey

Production Manager with 37 years in RV's Hard working and honest. Beyond dilligent.

Mona Livengood

Purchasing with 22 years in RV's. She seems to know everyone. Massively friendly.

Doreen Staines

Engineer with 25 years in RV's, wanted to do it better. Overseas experienced.

Our features

  • Teamwork

    We have assembled an awesome team. With a good team you can have a good business, with a great team you can have happy customers. We have a great team.

  • Product Champions

    Our Dealers are the pick of the crop. Each is selected because they both know and want to sell great quality products. They already service their customers to a high level, now they support them with great products as well.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Without you we cannot exist or build great products. So thanks for all the great feedback, we will continue to make your experience the best that we can make it. Thanks for being great customers and for trusting us with your business.

Useful links

Forums, Magazines, and Associations are great places to get information for the RV lifestyle. Here is a sample list of some good sites and resources. Hope to see you out on the road travelling this great nation!


Having followed many RV manufacturers for years, and having experience with high end products before, we found David and his team very knowledgeable. They earnestly try to build the best units on the market and are always looking to improve their product. We have owned one of his builds for 7 years now and it's still going strong....

Laurie Wadman